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Canada Pension
Application for Retirement

Canada Pension
Application for Retirement

Basic retirement application used to select the form of payment for a retiree’s lifetime benefit.

A retiree’s spouse or beneficiary will be provided for based on the option chosen.

Description of Pension options:

Description of Retirement Benefit Options

Please complete the below listed forms:

Canada Pension Application for Retirement

Canada Pension Info Change, Spousal Status, and Beneficiary Designation Form

Direct Deposit Form applicable for Canadian Bank Accounts Only:

Direct Deposit Form 

Retiree Future Employment Acknowledgement Agreement applicable if under 65 years of age:

Retiree Future Employment Acknowledgement

Tax forms are optional. If no tax forms are filled out the standard deduction will be used:

2021 Alberta Personal Tax Credits

2021 British Columbia Personal Tax Credits

2021 Manitoba Personal Tax Credits

2021 Ontario Personal Tax Credits

2021 Saskatchewan Personal Tax Credits

2021 Personal Tax Credits